Analytics Manager Degree Salary

An analytics manager uses advanced analytical and mathematical methods to assist organizations in solving problems and making better business decisions. Some of the duties of analytic managers include: ( Pinpoint and solve problems in business, logistics, healthcare, and other industries. Collect and organize business data and information from computer databases, sales histories, and feedback from … Continue reading “Analytics Manager Degree Salary”

Average Computer Systems Analyst Salary by State

A computer systems analyst study’s a company’s computer systems and procedures, then designs solutions to assist the organization to operate more effectively and efficiently. These analysts bring IT and business together as they understand the limitations and requirements of both. Most computer systems analysts are specialists in the computer systems that are specific to the … Continue reading “Average Computer Systems Analyst Salary by State”

Average Financial Analyst Salary by State

Financial analysts offer businesses and individuals to make the best investment decisions. They regularly assess how stocks, bonds, and other investments are performing. Some of the common duties of financial analysts are: ( Recommend specific investments and groups of investments to investors, which are called portfolios. Perform analysis of current and historical financial information. Study … Continue reading “Average Financial Analyst Salary by State”

Average Operations Research Analyst Salary by State

An operations research analyst utilizes advanced analytical and mathematical methods to help companies solve business problems. These analysts are involved in virtually every aspect of an organization. They assist managers in deciding how to allocate resources, devise production schedules, handle the supply chain, and establish prices. ( Some of their common duties include: Identify and … Continue reading “Average Operations Research Analyst Salary by State”

Best Jobs & Careers for Masters of Business Analytics

Our country and culture are more data-driven than ever before. Businesses don’t take a single step without first considering the ramifications of every last scenario. We collect data obsessively, almost religiously, collating and organizing and combing through it with the utmost zeal. Every system, every program, every application, every social media post – all are … Continue reading “Best Jobs & Careers for Masters of Business Analytics”

Blockchain Analyst Degree Salary

Blockchain analysts are specialists in devising digital solutions with blockchain technology. This allows large amounts of information to be shared and distributed on the Internet without being copies. The information is never stored in a central location, such as on a server. Blockchain engineers and analysts often work for finance and data service firms. These … Continue reading “Blockchain Analyst Degree Salary”

Blockchain Developer Salary

Blockchain developers enjoy extremely lucrative careers in a variety of industries and roles, from cryptocurrency and supply chain networks to health care and medical records. Blockchain development requires a broad skill set, including a strong knowledge of fundamental programming languages such as C++, Python, and Java, as well as languages commonly used for blockchain engineering. … Continue reading “Blockchain Developer Salary”

Budget Analyst Degree Salary

A budget analyst assists public and private organizations to organize their finances and budgets. Budget analysts monitor the spending of organizations and prepare budget reports, and also have the following duties: ( Work with project and program managers to devise an organization’s budget. Review the budget proposals of managers to ensure they are complete, accurate, … Continue reading “Budget Analyst Degree Salary”

Computer Scientist Degree Salary

A computer scientist invents and designs innovative approaches to computing and finds the best ways to use existing technology. Computer scientists also study and solve complicated problems in computing for science, medicine, and business. ( The roles of these professionals are continuing to expand as technology expands and more businesses rely on computers for their … Continue reading “Computer Scientist Degree Salary”

Cybersecurity Analyst Degree Salary

A cybersecurity analyst is responsible for planning and carrying out computer and network security measures to protect the company’s computer systems and networks. The responsibilities of cybersecurity analysts are always changing as cyberattacks become more complex and higher in number. Some of their common duties include: ( Monitor the company’s networks for breaches in security … Continue reading “Cybersecurity Analyst Degree Salary”

Data Analyst Degree Salary

Organizations in every industry rely more than ever on data to make vital business decisions: new markets to enter, which products to develop, new investments to make, and new customers to attract. Companies also use data to pinpoint inefficiencies and other business issues that need to be solved. ( The job of a data analyst … Continue reading “Data Analyst Degree Salary”

Data Engineer Degree Salary

A data engineer is responsible for developing and translating complex computer algorithms into code, as well as maintaining, organizing, and identifying trends in large sets of data. ( Professionals in this field should have skills in SQL database design, high proficiency in making process documentation, strong verbal and written communication skills, and familiarity with Python, … Continue reading “Data Engineer Degree Salary”

Human Resource Analyst Degree Salary

Human resource analysts plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative aspects of a company. They are responsible for oversight of recruitment, interviewing, hiring staff, consulting with top executives, and serving as a connection between the management of the organization and workers. ( Some of the typical duties of human resource analysts are: Planning and coordinating the … Continue reading “Human Resource Analyst Degree Salary”

Intelligence Analyst Degree Salary

An intelligence analyst is an information security professional who usually works for the government. They are responsible for analyzing and interpreting information collected by people in the field. Organizations that hire intelligence analysts include the police, armed forces, and private security firms. ( In the criminal and law enforcement field, intelligence analysts are used to … Continue reading “Intelligence Analyst Degree Salary”

Investment Analyst Degree Salary

Investment analysts collect financial information, perform financial research and analyze assets, including stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities. Investment analysts usually focus on certain investment niches to become experts in their fields. Some focus on specific industries, asset classes, or geographical regions. ( The research is presented to investment or portfolio managers, usually as part of … Continue reading “Investment Analyst Degree Salary”

IT Business Analyst Degree Salary

An IT business analyst is tasked with bridging the gap between the IT and business departments by utilizing data analytics to assess processes, determine IT requirements, and deliver recommendations based on data analysis to top executives and company stakeholders. ( IT business analysts work with business leaders and users to understand how changes driven by … Continue reading “IT Business Analyst Degree Salary”

Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Salary Outlook

Across the broad range of cybersecurity-related jobs and fields, individuals who have earned master’s degrees are likely to be highly sought-after for well-paying, exciting jobs that allow them to use cutting-edge techniques in preventing cyber attacks. For any business, nonprofit, educational organization, government agency or pretty much any other group, cybersecurity is among their most … Continue reading “Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Salary Outlook”

Predictive Analytics Degree Salary

A predictive analytics professional uses data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to pinpoint the likelihood of future events based on historical data. The goal of predictive analytics is to go past what has happened and to offer the best assessment of events that will occur in the future. ( Predictive analytics has been around … Continue reading “Predictive Analytics Degree Salary”

Project Manager Degree Salary

A project manager is responsible for the oversight of the whole process of completing a project, from initial design to acquisition of materials to the final presentation. The project manager also is responsible for constructing and coordinating the project team.  This vital manager ensures that the team has the resources and materials needed to complete … Continue reading “Project Manager Degree Salary”

Salary Outlook for Master’s in Business Analytics

With ever-increasing rates of data production and consumption, every organization has growing need to use information and large amounts of data to inform business decisions. Whether it’s considering what departments are most efficient to deciding whether prices are where they should be, analytics are a crucial part of modern business operations. And since data isn’t … Continue reading “Salary Outlook for Master’s in Business Analytics”

Statistician Degree Salary

A statistician analyzes data and applies statistical and mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems in business, engineering, healthcare, and related fields. ( Statisticians do some or all of the following tasks: Develop new statistical and mathematical rules, concepts and theories in geometry and algebra. Decide the data that is needed to answer various problems or … Continue reading “Statistician Degree Salary”