Human Resource Analyst Degree Salary

Human resource analysts plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative aspects of a company. They are responsible for oversight of recruitment, interviewing, hiring staff, consulting with top executives, and serving as a connection between the management of the organization and workers. (

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Some of the typical duties of human resource analysts are:

  • Planning and coordinating the workforce of an organization to use the employees’ skills and talents the best.
  • Connect the company’s management with its employees.
  • Provide planning and oversight of worker benefits programs.
  • Work as a consultant with other managers to provide advice on HR issues, such as sexual harassment and equal opportunity.
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of HR specialists and administrative staff
  • Provide oversight of the company’s recruitment, selection, interviewing and hiring
  • Deal with staff problems, such as mediation of disputes and dealing with disciplinary matters

Human resource analysts also oversee employee relations, ensure regulatory compliance, and administer payroll, training, and benefits. HR analysts also work with top managers and executives about the strategic planning and talent management issues a company has. They determine ways to maximize the value of the company’s employees and make sure they are used in an efficient manner. For instance, an HR analyst may provide assessments of worker productivity and recommend alternatives to the structure of the organization to meet the new budget.

Some different types of HR analysts are:

  • Employee relations managers: Provide oversight of employment policies in nonunion and union settings.
  • Payroll managers: Supervise the payroll department and ensure payroll is processed properly.
  • Recruiting managers: Provide oversight of the hiring and recruiting responsibilities of the HR department.

Professionals who want to become an HR analyst need a bachelor’s degree in HR management or business administration. Those with the highest career potential may want to earn their master’s human resources management or even an MBA. Below is detailed salary information for this field.

Human Resource Analyst Salary

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

BLS reports the median salary for human resource analysts was $113,300 in May 2018, with a range between $66,800 and $201,000. ( Top industries for HR analysts by salary were:

  • Professional, scientific and technical services: $127,690
  • Management of companies and enterprises: $126,420
  • Manufacturing: $111,000
  • Government: $101,170
  • Healthcare and social assistance: $97,600

Managers in human resources tend to make the higher salaries, while those with an analyst designation earn lower salaries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also notes the median salary for the related position of compensation and benefits managers was $121,000 with a range between $70,500 and $205,400. ( Salaries in the top industries for this position were:

  • Insurance carriers and related activities: $130,400
  • Management of companies and enterprises: $129,000
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services: $124,500
  • Healthcare and social assistance: $111,100
  • Government: $102,400 reports the average salary for a human resource analyst is $58,000 with a range between $43,000 and $77,000. Some of the reported salaries from companies are: (

  • Goldman Sachs Group: $51,000
  • Lancer Corp: $55,000
  • Booz, Allen, and Hamilton: $70,000
  • University of Utah: $48,000
  • Blackrock: $59,000
  • Bank of America: $62,000
  • Partners Healthcare: $60,000

Popular skills and associated salaries in this field are:

  • Human resources: $58,600
  • Data analysis: $58,900
  • HR information system: $59,500
  • Microsoft Excel: $57,700
  • Microsoft Office: $57,500

Salaries for human resource analysts generally rise with experience, but not as fast as some other more technical occupations:

  • Zero to one year of experience: $53,100
  • One to four years of experience: $55,800
  • Five to nine years of experience: $62,000
  • 10 to 19 years of experience: $61,400
  • More than 20 years of experience: $72,000

Salaries in this HR profession can vary by the location as well:

  • Los Angeles: +25%
  • San Francisco: +17%
  • Washington DC: +16%
  • New York City: +8%
  • Houston: +4%
  • Chicago: -5%
  • Salt Lake City: -14% reports the average salary for human resource analysts is $56,700 and $97,680 for a senior human resources manager ( Below are some reported, related salaries:

  • HR manager: $71,700
  • HRIS analyst: $75,300
  • Compensation analyst: $77,100
  • Benefits analyst: $56,700
  • Business analyst: $76,300
  • Data analyst: $70,500
  • Business systems analyst: $87,400
  • Senior compensation analyst: $89,500
  • Senior HRIS analyst: $93,378
  • Operations analyst: $64,600

Again, people with more experience and education tend to get managerial jobs in HR and earn a higher salary. reports the average salary for human resources analysts is $63,800 with a range between $33,500 and $99,500. ( Most range between $48,000 and $71,000.

Job Outlook for Human Resource Analysts

The job outlook for human resource analysts is above average, with 7% job growth expected by 2028. Employment growth in this field depends largely on how individual companies are doing financially. As new organizations form and current ones get bigger, there should be a need for more HR analysts and managers to oversee their programs.

Human resource analysts also might be needed to ensure that companies are sticking to changing and complex employment laws in occupational safety and health, healthcare, and wages. (

The job outlook for the related field of compensation and benefits managers is below average, with only 3% job growth expected by 2028, slower than average for all occupations. Many companies are outsourcing some of their compensation and benefits functions to reduce costs and increase access to technical expertise. (

Average Human Resource Salary by State

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York - Human Resource Analyst$31.64$65,819
Massachusetts - Human Resource Analyst$31.42$65,346
New Hampshire - Human Resource Analyst$30.65$63,760
Maryland - Human Resource Analyst$29.16$60,651
Hawaii - Human Resource Analyst$29.02$60,365
Connecticut - Human Resource Analyst$28.94$60,190
Alaska - Human Resource Analyst$28.94$60,187
Montana - Human Resource Analyst$28.94$60,187
North Dakota - Human Resource Analyst$28.94$60,187
Wyoming - Human Resource Analyst$28.94$60,187
Nevada - Human Resource Analyst$28.94$60,187
Idaho - Human Resource Analyst$28.94$60,187
Vermont - Human Resource Analyst$28.86$60,027
Nebraska - Human Resource Analyst$28.80$59,910
Washington - Human Resource Analyst$28.79$59,875
Rhode Island - Human Resource Analyst$28.49$59,258
California - Human Resource Analyst$28.47$59,223
Virginia - Human Resource Analyst$28.33$58,930
Arizona - Human Resource Analyst$28.03$58,301
New Jersey - Human Resource Analyst$27.85$57,927
Colorado - Human Resource Analyst$27.48$57,163
West Virginia - Human Resource Analyst$27.47$57,130
Minnesota - Human Resource Analyst$27.36$56,907
Pennsylvania - Human Resource Analyst$27.36$56,904
South Dakota - Human Resource Analyst$27.35$56,883
South Carolina - Human Resource Analyst$27.31$56,799
Tennessee - Human Resource Analyst$27.20$56,578
Delaware - Human Resource Analyst$27.19$56,553
Oregon - Human Resource Analyst$27.16$56,499
Utah - Human Resource Analyst$26.97$56,104
Ohio - Human Resource Analyst$26.92$55,995
Kentucky - Human Resource Analyst$26.89$55,932
Indiana - Human Resource Analyst$26.74$55,613
Oklahoma - Human Resource Analyst$26.67$55,476
Louisiana - Human Resource Analyst$26.59$55,315
Wisconsin - Human Resource Analyst$26.55$55,219
Kansas - Human Resource Analyst$26.47$55,048
Maine - Human Resource Analyst$26.44$54,995
Iowa - Human Resource Analyst$26.38$54,870
Texas - Human Resource Analyst$25.94$53,952
Georgia - Human Resource Analyst$25.85$53,759
Arkansas - Human Resource Analyst$25.75$53,556
New Mexico - Human Resource Analyst$25.60$53,252
Alabama - Human Resource Analyst$25.41$52,856
Michigan - Human Resource Analyst$25.38$52,797
Illinois - Human Resource Analyst$25.30$52,631
Mississippi - Human Resource Analyst$25.02$52,037
Missouri - Human Resource Analyst$24.76$51,507
Florida - Human Resource Analyst$24.39$50,735
North Carolina - Human Resource Analyst$22.18$46,141

Source:, January 2020.


The human resources analyst and manager field is growing at a good pace as the US economy is expanding. Generally, you will find salaries in the $50,000 to $70,000 range for HR analyst roles, and HR manager salaries at $80,000 and above. This salary difference generally represents a higher level of experience, as well as greater education. Most HR managers hold either a master’s degree in human resources or an MBA with a specialty in human resources.