Florida Business Analytics Salary

As the third most populous state in the country, Florida’s economy is huge and diverse. For those who have a passion for or experience in business analytics, Florida is an excellent choice for continuing your education with a master’s degree in business analytics or a related field.

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The current job picture in the state is bright, and the outlook is positive, particularly for those who have advanced training in business analytics, which can help qualify a person for a successful career in nearly any field.

Let’s take a look at which colleges and universities offer the best programs, which employers are hiring and what specific jobs might be available for those who want to pursue a master’s degree in business analytics in Florida.

Business Analytics in Florida

By virtue of the diverse nature of its economy, the Sunshine State is bright, indeed, for individuals with expertise and training in business analytics. All businesses require the services of those with advanced knowledge of and training that come with a business analytics degree. For instance, a chief concern of any firm is when and where to consider expansion. If you have a master’s in business analytics, you no doubt have learned the basic principles and hands-on tools that allow you to analyze business data, model possible outcomes and recommend the best decision for your company to make.

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While “Business Analyst could be the job title you seek, a master’s degree in business analytics also qualifies you for many other job titles, including:

  • Quantitative Modeler
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Data Scientist
  • Decision Engineer

Florida has about 8.8 million workers, and the state’s population is expected to continue growing. Here’s a look at the mix of industries those employees work in:

Trade, transportation & utilities20.30%
Professional & business services15.70%
Education & health services14.90%
Leisure & hospitality13.80%
Financial activities6.60%
Other services4.00%
Mining & logging0.10%

Florida Business Analytics Degree Programs

Business analytics education provides a solid foundation in several facets of business operations, which could be considered a more traditional education, but the analytics side of these degrees means that graduates are being educated in modern systems and tools related to big data.

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Several colleges and universities throughout Florida offer master’s degrees or graduate certificates in business analytics or related fields. While most are on-campus programs, many of the schools also offer online programs, and those are noted below. We’ve chosen to include several programs outside of the strict “business analytics” track that are data-forward, as these programs also should appeal to those who want to find work as business analysts.

Business Analytics Degree Jobs in Florida

Nationally, employment for business management analysts, the broad occupation that’s most applicable among all occupations researched by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is projected to grow at a rate of about 14 percent through 2026, which is roughly double the rate of all occupations. Florida is a top 15 state for business management analysts. Here’s a look at the top 20 states in employing business analysts:

Employment per 1,000 jobs
District of Columbia27.4
Rhode Island6.6
South Dakota6.1
New York4.6
South Carolina3.9
North Carolina3.6
New Jersey3.6

While job openings are regularly appearing and being filled, there are several key employers who are consistently looking for qualified business analysts.

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Here’s a look at some of the companies who have advertised for these jobs recently:

  • WellCare
  • FIS
  • Impresiv Health
  • Lockheed-Martin
  • e-Builder
  • Citi
  • Florida Blue
  • Raymond James
  • Hertz
  • NextEra Energy
  • Magic Leap, Inc.
  • Assurant
  • Health First
  • University of Miami
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Metlife
  • Oxygen Development
  • Starboard Cruise Services
  • Farelogix
  • Bayview Asset Management
  • American Express
  • Citrix

The median annual salary for management analysts is about $82,000, but those with master’s degrees or graduate certificates will likely be able to command a higher salary. For business analyst jobs with senior-level functions, salaries routinely reach into the six figures.

Skills & Traits Needed for Jobs in Business Analytics

If you’re considering a master’s degree in business analytics, it’s likely you already have a background in data science, mathematics or data analysis. But getting an advanced degree in any field is a challenge, and the frequently evolving nature of the modern business world means that some skills that may have applied 15 years ago are less important today.

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With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the skills, personality traits and tools needed to excel in both an advanced business analytics educational setting and on the job:

Traits & skills

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Inquisitive nature
  • Quick recall


  • SQL
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel


For individuals with inquisitive, analytical minds pursuing a master’s degree in business analytics is often the next logical career step. Good degree programs in this area will help students refine their business acumen and provide them with the hands-on training and skills building that will enable them to step into senior, high-paying roles across a broad range of industries.


Note: Information on recent job openings was gathered from Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com.

Other information was retrieved from the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics through the Occupational Outlook Handbook (https://www.bls.gov/ooh/business-and-financial/management-analysts.htm#tab-1) and the Occupational Employment Statistics Query System