Average Operations Research Analyst Salary by State

An operations research analyst utilizes advanced analytical and mathematical methods to help companies solve business problems. These analysts are involved in virtually every aspect of an organization. They assist managers in deciding how to allocate resources, devise production schedules, handle the supply chain, and establish prices. (BLS.gov)

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Some of their common duties include:

  • Identify and solve business problems.
  • Collect and organize company information from many sources, including databases, sales records, and feedback from customers.
  • Collect input from employees who are involved in all areas of a business problem or from others who have expert knowledge.
  • Examine all information collected to determine what is relevant to solve the problem and methods that could be used to analyze it.
  • Utilize statistical analysis, predictive modeling, simulations and other methods to study information and develop solutions.
  • Offer advice to managers on how various processes and actions will address the business problem.
  • Create memos, reports, and various documents to explain findings.

Operations research analysts first need to pinpoint the problem or the processes that must be improved. Analysts usually gather vital data from the field and interview employees or clients involved in the business problem that needs fixing. The analyst shows what the consequences will be of taking various actions and could help in achieving consensus on how the problem will be solved.

These professionals use advanced computer software, including statistical packages and databases to analyze and solve business problems. Statistical software is used to simulate events and to evaluate various courses of action.

Some examples of where operations research analysis is important are:

  • com and Google use operations research analysis to make connections between personal profiles.
  • Intel, IBM, and HP use operations research to improve management, reduce waste of resources, and improve their manufacturing processes.
  • Airlines use it to better schedule flights and flight crews, to offer better passenger protection, and to establish prices.

Operations Research Analyst Salary Outlook

Students interested in becoming operations research analysts typically earn a degree in business management or a related discipline.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary for operations research analysts in 2018 was $83,390, with a range between $46,000 and $136,000. (BLS.gov). The top industries for these professionals were:

  • Federal government: $113,900
  • Manufacturing: $92,000
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services: $86,700
  • Management of companies and enterprises: $85,200
  • Finance and insurance: $82,300


Payscale.com reports the average salary for operations research analysts is $67,500, with a range between $31,000 and $104,000. (Payscale.com). The related occupation of research analyst has an average salary of $76,400 with a range between $49,000 and $118,000.

Some specific salaries for operations research analysts include:

  • Booz, Allen, and Hamilton: $77,000
  • Northrop Grumman Corp.: $71,000
  • US Air Force: $109,000
  • US Army: $91,000
  • US Department of Defense: $101,000
  • West Corp: $76,000

Popular skillsets for operations research analysts and salaries are:

  • Data analysis: $77,200
  • Research analysis: $76,500
  • Microsoft Excel: $73,100
  • Data modeling: $78,600
  • Simulation: $82,600

Work experience also affects your salary in this field:

  • Zero to one year of experience: $61,000
  • One to four years of experience: $70,200
  • Five to nine years of experience: $85,400
  • Ten to 19 years of experience: $105,800
  • More than 20 years of experience: $108,200

Working in the following cities can result in a higher or lower salary in this field:

  • Huntsville, Alabama: +20%
  • Boston: +19%
  • Washington DC: +11%
  • San Diego: -2%
  • Alexandria, Virginia: -3%
  • Atlanta: -12%
  • New York City: -13%

US News & World Report

This publication reports the median salary in the field is $81,390, with a range between $59,700 and $107,700. (USnews.com). It also states that operations research analyst is its #7 Best Business Job as of 2019.


Indeed.com reports the following salaries for operations research analysts and related occupations: (Indeed.com)

  • Research analyst: $72,800
  • Operations analyst: $64,000
  • Data analyst: $69,300
  • Business analyst: $75,900
  • Systems analyst: $80,000
  • Financial analyst: $70,900
  • Quantitative analyst: $149,300


Ziprecruiter.com reports the average salary in this field is $82,645, with a range between $36,500 and $130,000. (Ziprecruiter.com). Most in the field earn between $64,000 and $98,000.


Glassdoor.com reports the average salary for operations research analysts is $77,400 with a range between $55,000 and $107,000. (Glassdoor.com).

Job Demand for Operations Research Analysts

Employment for operations research analysts will be robust in the next decade. BLS estimates job demand in this field will rise by 26% by 2028, much faster than average. As technology becomes more complex and companies want more efficiency and cost savings, demand for operations research analysts will increase. In addition, demand should rise in business analytics to enhance business planning and decisionmaking.

Advances in technology are making it easier and faster for companies to obtain data, and improvements in software are making operations research more cost-effective. This work is also easier to apply to many different business disciplines. More organizations will hire operations research analysts to help them transform data into usable information that managers can utilize to make good decisions. These analysts manage and analyze this data to enhance business operations, pricing models, supply chains, and marketing. (BLS.gov).

Operations Research Analyst by State – Hourly Wage and Annual Salary

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York - Operations Research Analyst Salary$44.78$93,151
Massachusetts - Operations Research Analyst Salary$44.42$92,389
New Hampshire - Operations Research Analyst Salary$43.59$90,663
Maryland - Operations Research Analyst Salary$41.38$86,080
Hawaii - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.93$85,135
Alaska - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.93$85,126
Nevada - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.93$85,126
Montana - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.93$85,126
North Dakota - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.93$85,126
Wyoming - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.93$85,126
Idaho - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.93$85,126
Vermont - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.86$84,986
Nebraska - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.80$84,873
Connecticut - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.75$84,767
Washington - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.69$84,640
Rhode Island - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.28$83,790
California - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.24$83,698
Virginia - Operations Research Analyst Salary$40.04$83,288
New Jersey - Operations Research Analyst Salary$39.23$81,594
Arizona - Operations Research Analyst Salary$39.04$81,193
West Virginia - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.96$81,036
Colorado - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.86$80,836
Pennsylvania - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.73$80,557
South Dakota - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.68$80,447
Minnesota - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.67$80,429
South Carolina - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.61$80,299
Oregon - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.57$80,230
Tennessee - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.53$80,149
Delaware - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.43$79,936
Utah - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.32$79,707
Kentucky - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.26$79,574
Kansas - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.09$79,228
Ohio - Operations Research Analyst Salary$38.02$79,088
Indiana - Operations Research Analyst Salary$37.83$78,696
Oklahoma - Operations Research Analyst Salary$37.74$78,503
Wisconsin - Operations Research Analyst Salary$37.60$78,217
Iowa - Operations Research Analyst Salary$37.55$78,110
Louisiana - Operations Research Analyst Salary$37.43$77,847
Maine - Operations Research Analyst Salary$37.25$77,486
Texas - Operations Research Analyst Salary$36.87$76,695
Alabama - Operations Research Analyst Salary$36.58$76,096
Georgia - Operations Research Analyst Salary$36.58$76,088
Arkansas - Operations Research Analyst Salary$36.55$76,033
New Mexico - Operations Research Analyst Salary$36.25$75,398
Mississippi - Operations Research Analyst Salary$36.05$74,987
Michigan - Operations Research Analyst Salary$35.90$74,678
Illinois - Operations Research Analyst Salary$35.82$74,502
Missouri - Operations Research Analyst Salary$35.12$73,041
Florida - Operations Research Analyst Salary$34.44$71,636
North Carolina - Operations Research Analyst Salary$31.35$65,216

Source: Ziprecruiter.com, January 2020.


Technology is always improving and evolving, making organizations more reliant on it to make business decisions. As technology gets better, there is more data available for organizations to look at to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and increase profits. There will be robust job demand in this field for the next decade. Students who earn their degree in business, mathematics, statistics or a related field will be in an excellent position for a profitable career as an operations research analyst.