Data Engineer Degree Salary

A data engineer is responsible for developing and translating complex computer algorithms into code, as well as maintaining, organizing, and identifying trends in large sets of data. ( Professionals in this field should have skills in SQL database design, high proficiency in making process documentation, strong verbal and written communication skills, and familiarity with Python, Java, Kafka, Hive, and Storm.

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Common data engineer tasks include:

  • Aggregate and analyze large data sets to provide actionable insights to company managers.
  • Develop dashboards, reports, and tools for business users.
  • Devise technical solutions to enhance access to data and data storage.
  • Grasp complex data needs and provide advice to the company on the needed technology resources.

Some data engineers may have duties that are similar to computer network architects. They are responsible for designing and building data communication networks and managing the data that those systems use.

The networks they design and administer can range from small connections between a few small offices to the most cutting-edge networking capabilities such as a cloud-based system that services several companies. Computer network architects need to understand the companies business plan and data structure to devise a network that can assist in achieving organizational goals. (

Data Engineer Salary Outlook

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have salary information for data engineers, but it notes the median salary for database administrators is $90,070 with a range between $50,300 and $138,200. The top industries for database administrators were: (

  • Insurance carriers and related activities: $96,400
  • Computer systems design and related services: $95,900
  • Data processing, hosting, and related services: $95,500
  • Management of companies and enterprises: $94,900
  • Educational services: $74,700

For computer network architects, which is related to data engineering, the median salary is $109,000 with a range between $60,300 and $164,000. For professionals who are working mostly in data engineering, you can expect a starting salary in the $60,000 to $70,000 range. ( reports the average data engineer salary is $91,600 with a range between $64,000 and $132,000. ( It also reports these company salaries for this position:

  • com: $109,000
  • Capital One: $98,000
  • Facebook: $127,000
  • Fidelity Investments: $67,000
  • Booz, Allen, and Hamilton: $85,000
  • Hartford Financial Services Group: $78,000
  • Blizzard Entertainment: $107,000
  • Bloomberg: $72,000

Popular skills and corresponding salaries for data engineers are:

  • SQL: $90,600
  • Python: $92,100
  • ETL: $95,500
  • Data analysis: $87,200
  • Apache Spark: $100,500

Pay for data engineers will generally rise with work experience, although pay tends to decline after year 19 or so:

  • Less than one year of experience: $77,400
  • One to four years of experience: $86,800
  • Five to nine years of experience: $103,300
  • 10 to 19 years of experience: $118,500
  • 20 years or more of experience: $117,900

Salaries can vary dramatically for data engineers based on the city in which you live:

  • San Francisco: +35%
  • New York City: +10%
  • Seattle: +10%
  • Los Angeles: +8%
  • Boston: -3%
  • Austin: -3%
  • Chicago: -7%

This website reports the average salary for data engineers is $121,400 with a range between $58,500 and $185,000. Most in this field earn between $95,00 and $141,000. ( reports the average salary for data engineers in the US is $127,168. (

This website reports the average salary for data engineers is $105,350 with a range between $88,154 and $122,900. (

Job Outlook for Data Engineers

BLS does not have employment data for data engineers, but it notes that employment for database administrators will rise by 9% by 2028, which is faster than average when compared to other occupations. Job growth in this field is caused by the enhanced data needs of organizations in all parts of the US economy. Database engineers and administrators are needed to better organize and present data in advanced ways that make it easier for stakeholders to understand.  (

Database-as-a-service is becoming more popular, which allows database engineering and administration to be accomplished by third parties online. This development could boost employment opportunities for data engineers at large cloud computing corporations in data processing and hosting. Employment in DBAs and data engineers in this area should grow by a healthy 21% by 2028, which is much faster than average.

Employment of data engineers in the computer systems design and related services industries will increase by an impressive 24%. The wider adoption of cloud services by smaller companies that lack their own Internet technology departments will grow the need for data engineers and DBAs in that field.

Average Data Engineer Salary by State

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York - Data Engineer$64.21$133,562
Massachusetts - Data Engineer$63.75$132,601
New Hampshire - Data Engineer$62.20$129,383
Maryland - Data Engineer$59.17$123,074
Hawaii - Data Engineer$58.89$122,495
Connecticut - Data Engineer$58.72$122,140
Alaska - Data Engineer$58.72$122,133
Montana - Data Engineer$58.72$122,133
North Dakota - Data Engineer$58.72$122,133
Wyoming - Data Engineer$58.72$122,133
Nevada - Data Engineer$58.72$122,133
Idaho - Data Engineer$58.72$122,133
Vermont - Data Engineer$58.56$121,808
Nebraska - Data Engineer$58.45$121,571
Washington - Data Engineer$58.41$121,500
Rhode Island - Data Engineer$57.81$120,247
California - Data Engineer$57.78$120,177
Virginia - Data Engineer$57.49$119,583
Arizona - Data Engineer$56.88$118,305
New Jersey - Data Engineer$56.51$117,547
Colorado - Data Engineer$55.77$115,997
West Virginia - Data Engineer$55.74$115,930
Minnesota - Data Engineer$55.52$115,478
Pennsylvania - Data Engineer$55.51$115,470
South Dakota - Data Engineer$55.49$115,427
South Carolina - Data Engineer$55.41$115,258
Tennessee - Data Engineer$55.20$114,810
Delaware - Data Engineer$55.17$114,758
Oregon - Data Engineer$55.12$114,649
Utah - Data Engineer$54.73$113,847
Ohio - Data Engineer$54.63$113,627
Kentucky - Data Engineer$54.57$113,499
Indiana - Data Engineer$54.26$112,851
Oklahoma - Data Engineer$54.12$112,574
Louisiana - Data Engineer$53.96$112,246
Wisconsin - Data Engineer$53.87$112,051
Kansas - Data Engineer$53.70$111,704
Maine - Data Engineer$53.65$111,598
Iowa - Data Engineer$53.53$111,344
Texas - Data Engineer$52.64$109,481
Georgia - Data Engineer$52.45$109,089
Arkansas - Data Engineer$52.25$108,676
New Mexico - Data Engineer$51.95$108,060
Alabama - Data Engineer$51.57$107,256
Michigan - Data Engineer$51.51$107,137
Illinois - Data Engineer$51.35$106,800
Mississippi - Data Engineer$50.77$105,594
Missouri - Data Engineer$50.25$104,520
Florida - Data Engineer$49.50$102,952
North Carolina - Data Engineer$45.01$93,631

Source:, January 2020.


The demand for data engineers and database administrators is rising impressively as more organizations turn to third-party companies to death with their data needs. Salaries for data engineers according to start at $64,000 and can rise near $100,000 per year. If your interests like in data engineering and management, this could be an excellent career option for the coming years.