Colorado Business Analytics Salary

With one of the healthiest economies in the U.S., Colorado is a prime site for business analytics professionals. A diverse landscape with heavy employment in sectors as disparate as utilities, government and professional services, Colorado’s gross domestic product for 2018 neared $375 billion, an increase of nearly 50% since 2009. The home state for almost … Continue reading “Colorado Business Analytics Salary”

Indiana Business Analytics Salary

Indiana’s economy is powered largely by three industries — transportation and utilities, manufacturing, and education and health services. These three broad sectors account for more than 1 in 2 nonfarm jobs in the state of Indiana. The state’s gross domestic product for 2018 was more than $360 million, which represents a $100 million improvement from … Continue reading “Indiana Business Analytics Salary”

Ohio Business Analytics Salary

As one of the 10 most populous U.S. states, Ohio’s economy is valuable and diverse. The state produced more than $670 billion in value in 2018 alone, and the Ohio labor force consists of nearly 6 million people. Ohio boasts four metropolitan areas with populations exceeding 1 million, and employment across the state is split … Continue reading “Ohio Business Analytics Salary”

Utah Business Analytics Salary

Utah’s economy has been making a steadily upward journey over the past decade, and the state’s gross domestic product in 2018 rose to $178 billion. That represents the ninth consecutive GDP increase, and since the height of the Great Recession, the value of Utah’s economy has expanded by about 58%. More than 80,000 employer establishments … Continue reading “Utah Business Analytics Salary”