Database Administrator Degree Salary

A database administrator uses advanced software to store and organize data, including financial information and customer shipping records. Database administrators make sure that data is available to users and is secure from people who want to access it without authorization. Common duties include: (

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  • Ensure that data for the organization is secure
  • Back up and restore data to ensure data is not lost
  • Identify the needs of users to create and administer databases
  • Ensure that company databases operate as efficiently as possible and have no errors
  • Perform tests and make modifications to the database structure as needed
  • Maintain the database and update permissions
  • Merge the old database into a new one

Database administrators ensure that data analysts and other users can use databases easily to obtain the information needed and that the system operates as it should. Some DBAs are responsible for the oversight of new databases. They need to determine what the needs of the database are and who is going to be using it.

Many databases have personal and financial information, so information security is extremely important. Database administrators often work on security measures to ensure that data is secure from unauthorized access.

System DBAs work on the physical and technical parts of the database, such as installing database upgrades and patches to fix any bugs in the system. Application DBAs provide support for a database that has been made for a certain application or set of applications, including customer service software.

Day to day, a DBA must make plans for storage requirements, whether that is onsite or in the cloud, to keep database security, as well as any licensing requirements. They also have to be able to optimize performance and make sure that database backups are in place. Further, they need these activities to stakeholders in the company, such as executives. This means that you also need to have solid communication skills.

If you are interested in becoming a database administrator, you will need a bachelor’s degree in database administration or a related field. You will need to understand database theory and design – what data needs storing, how the data must be classified, and how one data element relates to the other. DBAs also need to understand storage technologies, client-server models, and how to maintain, recover, and roll over a database. (

Below is important salary information to review before deciding on a degree program.

Database Administrator Salary Outlook

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median wage for database administrators was $90,000 in May 2018 with a range between $50,300 and $138,300. Top industries for DBAS were: (

  • Insurance carriers and related activities: $96,400
  • Computer systems design and related services: $95,900
  • Data processing, hosting, and related services: $95,500
  • Management of companies and enterprises: $94,900
  • Educational services: $74,700 reports the average salary for database administrators is $73,000 with a range between $46,000 and $110,000. ( Some of the reported salaries by companies are:

  • Leidos: $95,000
  • PMA Insurance Company: $95,000
  • Walmart: $68,000
  • CGI Group: $46,000
  • General Dynamics Information Technology: $85,000
  • IBM: $77,000
  • Cerner Corporation: $68,000

Database skills and their corresponding salaries are:

  • Database administration: $74,300
  • Microsoft SQL Server: $77,400
  • SQL: $73,000
  • Data analysis: $65,000
  • Microsoft Office: $59,900

Your pay as a database administrator also will rise as your experience increases:

  • Less than one year of experience: $54,000
  • One to four years of experience: $62,600
  • Five to nine years of experience: $78,700
  • 10 to 19 years of experience: $90,400
  • More than 20 years of experience: $97,800

Your salary as a database administrator also can increase or decrease based on the city in which you live:

  • Dallas: +15%
  • Washington DC: +10%
  • Chicago: +9%
  • Los Angeles: +8%
  • New York City: +6%
  • Denver: +3%
  • Atlanta: +1% reports the average salary for a database administrator is $56,400 with a range between $24,000 and $123,000. Most DBAs earn between $35,500 and $64,000. (

However, this website also reports that SQL database administrators are higher paid with an average salary of $101,600 and a range between $52,500 and $140,500. ( Most in this specialty earn between $86,500 and $115,500.

This website reports the average salary for database administrators is $91,702 with a range between $80,000 and $104,600. (

This website reports a database administrator in the US makes an average of $93,100. (

Job Outlook for Database Administrators

Employment for DBAs is expected to grow by 9% by 2028, which is faster than average. Growth for database administrators is being driven by the greater data needs of companies in all areas of the economy. Database administrators are needed to organize and present data in ways that make it easier for data analysts and other stakeholders to grasp. (

The popularity of database-as-a-service, which allows database administration to be done by third parties over the Internet, may enhance employment prospects for DBAs at cloud computing companies in hosting, data processing, and other related services. Employment of DBAs in this area should grow by 21% from 2018 to 2028.

Employment of DBAs in the computer systems design and related services industries will grow 24% by 2028. The greater adoption of cloud services by small and medium-sized companies that do not have their own IT departments will enhance the need for DBAs in this industry.

Average Database Administrator Salary by State

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York - Database Administrator$45.86$95,395
Massachusetts - Database Administrator$45.53$94,709
New Hampshire - Database Administrator$44.43$92,410
Maryland - Database Administrator$42.26$87,904
Hawaii - Database Administrator$42.06$87,490
Connecticut - Database Administrator$41.94$87,237
Alaska - Database Administrator$41.94$87,232
Montana - Database Administrator$41.94$87,232
North Dakota - Database Administrator$41.94$87,232
Wyoming - Database Administrator$41.94$87,232
Nevada - Database Administrator$41.94$87,232
Idaho - Database Administrator$41.94$87,232
Vermont - Database Administrator$41.83$87,000
Nebraska - Database Administrator$41.75$86,831
Washington - Database Administrator$41.72$86,780
Rhode Island - Database Administrator$41.29$85,885
California - Database Administrator$41.27$85,835
Virginia - Database Administrator$41.06$85,411
Arizona - Database Administrator$40.62$84,498
New Jersey - Database Administrator$40.36$83,956
Colorado - Database Administrator$39.83$82,849
West Virginia - Database Administrator$39.81$82,802
Minnesota - Database Administrator$39.65$82,479
Pennsylvania - Database Administrator$39.65$82,473
South Dakota - Database Administrator$39.64$82,443
South Carolina - Database Administrator$39.58$82,321
Tennessee - Database Administrator$39.42$82,002
Delaware - Database Administrator$39.41$81,964
Oregon - Database Administrator$39.37$81,887
Utah - Database Administrator$39.09$81,314
Ohio - Database Administrator$39.02$81,156
Kentucky - Database Administrator$38.97$81,066
Indiana - Database Administrator$38.75$80,603
Oklahoma - Database Administrator$38.66$80,405
Louisiana - Database Administrator$38.54$80,170
Wisconsin - Database Administrator$38.48$80,031
Kansas - Database Administrator$38.36$79,783
Maine - Database Administrator$38.32$79,707
Iowa - Database Administrator$38.23$79,526
Texas - Database Administrator$37.59$78,195
Georgia - Database Administrator$37.46$77,915
Arkansas - Database Administrator$37.32$77,621
New Mexico - Database Administrator$37.11$77,181
Alabama - Database Administrator$36.83$76,606
Michigan - Database Administrator$36.79$76,522
Illinois - Database Administrator$36.67$76,281
Mississippi - Database Administrator$36.26$75,419
Missouri - Database Administrator$35.89$74,652
Florida - Database Administrator$35.35$73,532
North Carolina - Database Administrator$32.15$66,875

Source:, January 2020.


The demand for DBAs is rising nicely as more companies are relying on third-party companies online to handle their database administration needs. Salaries in the field are in the $50,000 range for starters. As your experience and skills grow, you can make more than $100,000. So it is a good option for someone who wants to earn a bachelor’s degree in this field.