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Big Data impacts every aspect of our lives today, from the way we communicate to the way we shop to the shows we watch. There is no corner of the marketplace that is unaffected by it, which means that companies who wish to remain on the cutting edge of their fields must prioritize data analysis and base their decisions on the results. Otherwise, they risk missing out on meaningful patterns and giving ground to competitors.

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Of course, data is about as clear as mud to most people, who see nothing more than a jumble of numbers in the reams of figures we receive every moment from all corners of the globe. That’s where analysts come in, people whose job it is to make sense of all that numerical noise. Today, business analysts are specialists with a very specialized skill set: the ability to manipulate and find meaning in data, and the business skills needed to apply it in a corporate environment.

If you love both of these fields and want to combine them into a lucrative profession, it’s worth reading on to find out more about Arizona State University’s Master of Science in Business Analytics.

How Long Is the ASU Business Analytics Program?

The program is only 9 months. It is ideal for people who are just graduating from undergrad with a degree in computer programming or data science, or else in business. It is also beneficial to people who have already worked the field and want to increase their level of technical expertise and leadership potential.

What Will You Learn?

Like most business analytics programs, ASU’s strives to combine the best of business and managerial skill with the most cutting-edge data science, machine learning and computer programming skills. To that end, coursework includes:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Analytics
  • Introduction to Applied Analytics
  • Data Mining I
  • Data-Driven Quality Management
  • Analytical Decision Making Tools I
  • Data Mining II
  • Analytical Decision Making Tools II
  • Business Analytics Strategy
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Applied Project

The project at the end will depend on the student’s interest area as well as the real world industry leaders with whom they are assigned to work.

What Opportunities Does the Program Offer?

Because ASU is such a well-respected university, you will get lots of networking and employment opportunity by going through their program. This is borne out by recent hires. In 2017, for instance, graduates of the ASU Master of Science in Business Analytics got jobs at Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

It is a STEM-designated program, allowing international students to work in the US for 36 months following their graduation, as opposed to only 12 months, the length of time granted for a non-STEM degree.

How Can You Pay for School?

The Master of Science in Business Analytics costs significantly less for in-state students, due to the fact that it is a public university. Residents can expect to pay $33,608, while out-of-state students will pay $53,288 and international students should expect to shell out $55,488 for the degree. However, ASU works hard to provide funding and scholarships to those who need it. You can also find more scholarships here, and apply for federal aid through the FAFSA form.

Why ASU?

Arizona State is the No. 1 university for international students, according to their website. If you are an international student hoping to benefit from the research-oriented and real-world emphasis offered at American universities, ASU is one of the best choices. Plus, Arizona is a warm climate with good student life, and many choose it for that experience as well.

Also, adds US News & World Report, it is ranked No. 1 in most innovative schools and No. 10 in Business Management programs. It is also ranked No. 10 in Quantitative Analysis, and No. 11 in Management Information. Combined, this paints the picture of a strong academic campus, with faculty and support all in place to help students succeed in school and after.

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