Average Data Manager Salary by State

A data manager uses software to organize and store data, including financial information, sales data, and shipping records. Data managers ensure that data are available to all users and secure from cyberattacks. These managers also ensure that data analysts and other data managers can use databases easily to obtain the information they need. (BLS.gov)

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Data managers usually have the following duties:

  • Ensure that the organization’s data is secure.
  • Back up and restore data regularly to ensure there is no data loss in the event of an emergency.
  • Identify the needs of users to create and keep databases.
  • Modify structure of databases as needed and test modifications.
  • Maintain company databases and perform updates of permissions.
  • Merge older databases with new ones.

Many organizational databases contain customer and financial information, which makes database security vital. Data managers often devise security measures to ensure that data is secure from hackers.

Data managers often are general managers of company data, but some data managers may specialize in specific tasks that vary by organization. Two of the most common specialties for data managers are:

  • Systems data managers: Responsible for the technical and physical aspects of databases. These duties can involve the installation of upgrades and doing patches to fix bugs in programs. These managers usually have training in systems architecture. They ensure that the database management systems for a company work properly.
  • Application data managers: Provide support for a database that was designed for a specific application, such as software that provides important customer services. Using various programming languages, application data managers usually write or debug software and need to be able to manage applications that work with the database.

Data Manager Salary Outlook

Most data managers have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or database administration. If you are considering a career as a data manager, it is important to understand the salary potential of this profession before you devote time and money to your education.

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Below is detailed information about the salary outlook for data managers.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The median salary according to BLS for data managers was $90,100 as of May 2018. The lowest 10% earned $50,000, while the top 10% earned more than $138,000. The top-paying industries for data managers were: (BLS.gov)

  • Insurance companies: $96,400
  • Computer systems design: $95,900
  • Data processing: $95,500
  • Management of companies and enterprises: $94,900
  • Educational services: $74,700


Payscale.com reports the average salary for data managers is $61,400 with a range between $41,000 and $105,000. (Payscale.com). Specific salaries reported were:

  • EMMES Corporation: $46,000
  • Columbia University: $73,000
  • Oregon Health and Science University: $47,000
  • Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine: $60,000

Popular skills for data managers and salaries were:

  • Data management: $62,200
  • Data analysis: $61,700
  • Database management and reporting: $60,600
  • Microsoft Excel: $59,900
  • SQL: $67,400

Data managers with more work experience tend to earn higher salaries:

  • Zero to one year of experience: $51,500
  • One to four years of experience: $56,300
  • Five to nine years of experience: $66,700
  • Ten to 19 years of experience: $77,400
  • More than 20 years of experience: $80,300

You also can earn more or less money in the following cities:

  • Los Angeles: +16%
  • Washington DC: +13%
  • Seattle: +12%
  • Chicago: +6%
  • New York City: +3%
  • Boston: +2%
  • Denver: 0%


Glassdoor.com reports the average salary for data managers is $76,989 with a range between $54,000 and $119,000. (Glassdoor.com).


The average salary for data managers according to Indeed.com is $83,004. (Indeed.com). Reported salaries from companies are:

  • Dice: $113,500
  • MSC Industrial Supply: $110,000
  • FPI Management: $102,300
  • Request Technology: $128,000
  • Digitas: $99,600
  • US Army: $66,300
  • University of North Carolina: $61,500
  • New York City Department of Health: $64,600
  • State of Illinois: $87,300
  • Rang Technologies: $68,800


Ziprecruiter.com reports the average salary for data management is $65,200 with a range between $32,500 and $115,000. Most professionals earn between $42,000 and $98,000. (Ziprecruiter.com).

Data Manager Job Outlook

Employment for data managers is expected to rise by 9% by 2028, which is much faster than average. Growth for data managers is being driven by the need for organizations in all sectors to more effectively manage data to make organizational decisions to stay competitive. Data managers are needed to organize and prevent large amounts of data in ways that make it easier for analysts and managers to understand. (BLS.gov)

Database-as-a-service is becoming more popular online, which allows data administration to occur by contractors over the Internet. This development could boost the need for data managers at cloud computing companies working in the data processing, hosting and related services industries. Employment for data managers in these fields is expected to rise by 21% by 2028.

In the computer systems design and related services industry, the employment of data managers will rise by 24% by 2028. The wider use of cloud services by smaller companies that do not have their own IT workers could boost the employment of data managers in this field.

Average Data Manager Salary by State

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York - Data Manager$43.05$89,549
Massachusetts - Data Manager$42.74$88,905
New Hampshire - Data Manager$41.71$86,748
Maryland - Data Manager$39.67$82,517
Hawaii - Data Manager$39.49$82,129
Connecticut - Data Manager$39.37$81,891
Alaska - Data Manager$39.37$81,886
Montana - Data Manager$39.37$81,886
North Dakota - Data Manager$39.37$81,886
Wyoming - Data Manager$39.37$81,886
Nevada - Data Manager$39.37$81,886
Idaho - Data Manager$39.37$81,886
Vermont - Data Manager$39.26$81,669
Nebraska - Data Manager$39.19$81,510
Washington - Data Manager$39.16$81,462
Rhode Island - Data Manager$38.76$80,622
California - Data Manager$38.74$80,575
Virginia - Data Manager$38.55$80,177
Arizona - Data Manager$38.13$79,320
New Jersey - Data Manager$37.89$78,811
Colorado - Data Manager$37.39$77,772
West Virginia - Data Manager$37.37$77,727
Minnesota - Data Manager$37.22$77,425
Pennsylvania - Data Manager$37.22$77,419
South Dakota - Data Manager$37.21$77,391
South Carolina - Data Manager$37.15$77,277
Tennessee - Data Manager$37.01$76,977
Delaware - Data Manager$36.99$76,942
Oregon - Data Manager$36.96$76,869
Utah - Data Manager$36.70$76,331
Ohio - Data Manager$36.63$76,183
Kentucky - Data Manager$36.59$76,098
Indiana - Data Manager$36.38$75,664
Oklahoma - Data Manager$36.29$75,477
Louisiana - Data Manager$36.18$75,257
Wisconsin - Data Manager$36.12$75,127
Kansas - Data Manager$36.01$74,894
Maine - Data Manager$35.97$74,823
Iowa - Data Manager$35.89$74,653
Texas - Data Manager$35.29$73,404
Georgia - Data Manager$35.16$73,141
Arkansas - Data Manager$35.03$72,864
New Mexico - Data Manager$34.83$72,451
Alabama - Data Manager$34.57$71,912
Michigan - Data Manager$34.53$71,832
Illinois - Data Manager$34.43$71,606
Mississippi - Data Manager$34.04$70,797
Missouri - Data Manager$33.69$70,077
Florida - Data Manager$33.19$69,026
North Carolina - Data Manager$30.18$62,777

Source: Ziprecruiter.com, January 2020.


The job market for data managers looks strong for the next decade as more organizations have large amounts of data that they need to keep organized and searchable. Most data managers with a bachelor’s degree can earn between $50,000 and $60,000 per year in the first year, and significantly more as their experience grows.

To increase your salary potential, consider earning a certification. One of the popular choices is Certified Analytics Professional (CAP). This certification can be earned once you have five years of analytics experience. Another option is Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP). This certification is offered by the Global Data Management Community at four different levels. With either of these certifications, you will earn a good salary and have many opportunities for promotion in the data management field in virtually any industry. (Indeed.com).