UC Davis Business Analytics Ranking

UCD Business Analytics Ranking: 17

If you want to make a difference through data, this is your chance. The business analytics program at UC Davis combines the best of data science with business management, leading to a degree that positions you perfectly for a range of top jobs in Silicon Valley and beyond.

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Business analytics, the field of analyzing data to make business decisions, is a growing profession. Thanks to an increasingly global marketplace, steeper competition and reams of data flowing in, there are more opportunities in this industry than ever. If you want to make your mark and forge a career for life, this could be the degree for you.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Master of Business Analytics at UC Davis.

How Long Is the UC Davis Business Analytics Program?

The program is 12 months total, with most classes taking place on the weekends, as well as on Tuesdays. If you – like most graduate students – have work and family responsibilities, this is the perfect school schedule. You won’t need much time off, and you’ll graduate with a deep well of knowledge after only a year.

What Will You Learn?

According to the program page, when you enroll in a Master of Business Analytics at UC Davis, “You’ll hone your analytical skills and combine your technical chops and data science tools with managerial savvy to lead organizational change.” Specifically, the curriculum teaches:

  • Leadership and strategic thinking skills
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Data acquisition, storage, handing and representation
  • Discovery, interpretation and communication of data patterns
  • Statistical and computational techniques
  • Data modeling, databases, regression, data mining and machine learning
  • Operations research methods
  • Analytics implementation in a business environment

“We emphasize learning-by-doing and teamwork on a year-long analytics project for a corporate sponsor,” adds the program site. That means real data drawn from the business world, introducing students to the jobs they’ll do later in a controlled environment overseen by professors.

What Opportunities Does the Program Offer?

In addition to working for a corporate sponsor, which is amazing for the resume, “you’ll benefit from our deep connections with San Francisco and Silicon Valley companies on the forefront of the Big Data revolution.” Forging those connections is invaluable, not only because these companies are powerful, but because they’re the beating heart of analytics – making such relationships worthwhile for life.

As one student said, “Part of the benefit of a business analytics degree located in the heart of the world’s innovation hub is that I have opportunity to interact with and investigate many unique industries that are keen to use data in new and meaningful ways.”

How Can You Pay for School?

While the program is only a year long, financing is still an issue for many. The course will cost an estimated $57,200, which you can pay for through federal financial aid or private loans. It’s also a good idea to apply for grants and scholarships, which you can learn more about here.

Why UC Davis?

Of course, no one needs to tell you that you have lots of options when it comes to a data analytics program. So why should you choose UC Davis over the others? There are a few reasons, including:

  • It is in the top 25 programs worldwide by QS Global in 2018
  • It was ranked No. 17 for employability of graduates and value of the degree per cost in the same year by QS Global
  • In 2016, Forbes ranked it No. 1 for launching women into the STEM profession
  • In 2018, the Wall Street Journal named it in the top five for research universities
  • It was ranked No. 8 for the best value and most transformative college by Money in 2018

While other schools can bring similar accolades to the table, UC Davis also has a century-old reputation behind it. You can trust that it’s professors, programs and degrees are among the best that the nation – and certainly the West Coast – has to offer.

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