Average Information Security Analyst Salary by State

An information security analyst plans and carries out cybersecurity measures to protect a company’s computer systems and networks. Their responsibilities always change and expand as the number and type of cyberattacks change. Common duties for these workers include: (BLS.gov)

  • Monitor the company’s networks for security breaches and look into violations as they occur.
  • Install and use cyberattack software, including firewalls and data encryption programs to safeguard private information.
  • Prepare cybersecurity reports that detail security breaches and how much damage was caused by the breaches.
  • Perform penetration testing that simulates attacks to find vulnerabilities in computer and Internet systems before hackers find them.
  • Perform research on the latest IT security trends.
  • Develop security standards for the company.
  • Recommend enhancements to computer systems to higher management.

Information security analysts are deeply involved with creating the company’s disaster recovery plan, which is a set of procedures that IT workers follow if there is an emergency that compromises hardware and/or software systems. These plans allow for the regular operation of the IT department in the face of disaster.

A disaster recovery plan includes such things as regularly copying and moving data to a secure location. This process also involves steps to restore IT functioning after an emergency. The cybersecurity analyst will regularly work on disaster recovery plans every month to ensure everything is up to date based on the latest cybersecurity attacks and methods.

Information Security Analyst Salary Outlook

To become an information security analyst, you generally need a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field. Recommended majors are computer science, information assurance, programming, or information systems.

If you want to enter this field, you will need to earn your bachelor’s degree, but before you make such a commitment, below is detailed information about your potential salary as an information security analyst.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary for information security analysts was $98,350 in 2018, with the highest 10% earning more than $156,000 per year. Median wages in the highest-paying industries were: (BLS.gov)

  • Computer systems design and related services: $102,600
  • Finance and insurance: $101,300
  • Information: $96,500
  • Management of companies and enterprises: $94,100
  • Administrative and support services: $94,100


Payscale.com reports the average salary in this field is $75,800 with a range between $51,000 and $117,000. (Payscale.com). Reported salaries at companies are:

  • Booz, Allen, and Hamilton: $80,000
  • Science Applications International Corporation: $89,000
  • Lockheed Martin Corp: $88,000
  • US Air Force: $67,000
  • US Army: $66,000
  • Mantech International Corp: $106,000
  • Northrop Grumman Corp.: $82,000

Popular skills in this field and corresponding salaries reported to Payscale.com are:

  • Cybersecurity analysis: $76,200
  • Security intrusion detection: $78,100
  • Security information and event management: $77,600
  • Security risk management: $80,400
  • Computer security: $75,000

Pay in this field rises by experience, as well:

  • Less than one year of work experience: $61,200
  • One to four years of work experience: $70,000
  • Five to nine years of work experience: $87,300
  • Ten to 19 years of work experience: $100,300
  • 20 or more years of work experience: $110,000


This IT-focused website reports that CIO Magazine has found that cybersecurity professionals can earn $1176,000 per year or $55,17 per hour. Also, the site mentions a January 2017 article at Forbes magazine that states that top cybersecurity salaries can top $380,000 for the best in the field in top-paying cities. (Digitalguardian.com)

This site also states these salaries for various US cities for cybersecurity analysts:

  • Minneapolis: $127,000
  • Seattle: $119,000
  • San Francisco: $119,000
  • Dallas: $117,000
  • Denver: $117,000
  • Chicago: $111,000
  • Austin: $110,000
  • Salt Lake City: $106,000
  • New York City: $102,000
  • San Jose: $99,000
  • San Diego: $98,000
  • Washington DC: $92,000
  • Boston: $88,000
  • Los Angeles: $86,000
  • Arlington VA: $74,200

Also, these specific jobs in the cybersecurity field pay these salaries:

  • Lead software security engineer: $233,000
  • Chief security officer: $225,000
  • Global information security officer director: $200,000
  • Chief information security officer: $192,500
  • Director of security: $178,000


Indeed.com reports the average salary in this field is $84,397. (Indeed.com)


This website reports the national average salary for cybersecurity analysts is $99,700 with a range between $41,500 and $151,500. Most in the field earn between $79,500 and $117,000. (Ziprecruiter.com)

Information Security Analyst Job Outlook

Employment for information security analysts will grow by a strong 32% by 2028, much faster than average compared to all occupations. Demand in this field will be very high; cyberattacks are growing in size, frequency, and number. Information security analysts will be needed to devise innovative solutions to prevent cyber hackers from stealing personal and proprietary information from organizations. Other hackers simply want to cause chaos on secure networks, and analysts are needed to anticipate their actions and prevent them from happening.

Banks and other financial institutions will need to have better information security capabilities as cybersecurity threats get works. Also, the healthcare industry is using electronic medical records more, so guaranteeing patients’ privacy and safeguarding personal data is vital. More information security analysts are needed to create systems that will protect patient information.

In the computer systems design field, the need for information security analysts will rise by an astonishing 55% by 2028. The greater use of cloud services by small and medium-sized companies and an increase in cybersecurity threats will create a greater need for strong security services providers in this industry. (BLS.gov)

Information Security Analyst Salary

StateHourly WageAnnual Salary
New York - Information Security Analyst Salary$51.99$108,134
Massachusetts - Information Security Analyst Salary$51.56$107,250
New Hampshire - Information Security Analyst Salary$50.60$105,246
Maryland - Information Security Analyst Salary$48.04$99,926
Hawaii - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.51$98,829
Alaska - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.51$98,818
Nevada - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.51$98,818
Montana - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.51$98,818
North Dakota - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.51$98,818
Wyoming - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.51$98,818
Idaho - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.51$98,818
Vermont - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.43$98,655
Nebraska - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.37$98,525
Connecticut - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.31$98,401
Washington - Information Security Analyst Salary$47.24$98,254
Rhode Island - Information Security Analyst Salary$46.76$97,267
California - Information Security Analyst Salary$46.71$97,161
Virginia - Information Security Analyst Salary$46.48$96,684
New Jersey - Information Security Analyst Salary$45.54$94,718
Arizona - Information Security Analyst Salary$45.31$94,253
West Virginia - Information Security Analyst Salary$45.23$94,070
Colorado - Information Security Analyst Salary$45.11$93,839
Pennsylvania - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.96$93,515
South Dakota - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.90$93,387
Minnesota - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.89$93,366
South Carolina - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.81$93,215
Oregon - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.78$93,134
Tennessee - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.73$93,041
Delaware - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.61$92,793
Utah - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.48$92,527
Kentucky - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.41$92,373
Kansas - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.22$91,971
Ohio - Information Security Analyst Salary$44.14$91,809
Indiana - Information Security Analyst Salary$43.92$91,354
Oklahoma - Information Security Analyst Salary$43.81$91,130
Wisconsin - Information Security Analyst Salary$43.65$90,797
Iowa - Information Security Analyst Salary$43.59$90,674
Louisiana - Information Security Analyst Salary$43.45$90,369
Maine - Information Security Analyst Salary$43.24$89,949
Texas - Information Security Analyst Salary$42.80$89,031
Alabama - Information Security Analyst Salary$42.47$88,336
Georgia - Information Security Analyst Salary$42.46$88,327
Arkansas - Information Security Analyst Salary$42.43$88,263
New Mexico - Information Security Analyst Salary$42.08$87,526
Mississippi - Information Security Analyst Salary$41.85$87,049
Michigan - Information Security Analyst Salary$41.68$86,690
Illinois - Information Security Analyst Salary$41.58$86,486
Missouri - Information Security Analyst Salary$40.76$84,789
Florida - Information Security Analyst Salary$39.98$83,158
North Carolina - Information Security Analyst Salary$36.40$75,706

Source: Ziprecruiter.com, January 2020.


The salary and job outlook for information security analysts is outstanding for the next decade. If you are interested in this field, you can anticipate a high demand for your services and a salary starting as high as $80,000 in some markets. So earning your computer-related degree is probably a wise investment in your future so you can go to work in the cybersecurity field.